Strength Sports (Athletics)

Department that provides study: Health and Sports Technologies of Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Possible limitations: Only for students studying in English-language educational programs.

Not more than 15 students per teacher in an academic group

Level of higher education: First (bachelor’s)

Specialties for which the course is adapted: For all specialties

Year of study, semester: 2 year, fall or spring semester

Course total scope and hours distribution of classroom work and self-study: 2 credits ECTS – 60 hours (lectures – 0 hours, practical – 36 hours, self-study – 24 hours)

Language of study: English

Requirements for begin studying the course: State of health level: fitness or low-fitness program

What will be studied: Basic provisions of the athletics training organization

Why is this interesting / worth exploring: There is a need to develop students' ability to maintain a sufficient level of physical and mental health, physical and mental capacity; to develop basic vital applied motor skills; to form motivation to engage in physical activity and sports as a component of a healthy lifestyle

What can you learn: As a result of studying the discipline "Strength Sports" students will be able to use the means of athletic gymnastics in order to improve physical and mental performance, the development of physical qualities

How to use the acquired knowledge and skills: Competences for the use of acquired skills in athletic gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, weightlifting for active recreation and a healthy lifestyle are formed

Information support of the course: Syllabus, textbook

Semester assessment: Test

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