Industrial ecology

Department that provides study: Ecology and Plant Polymers Technology of Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Possible limitations: Only for students studying in English-language educational programs

Level of higher education: First (bachelor's)

Specialties for which the course is adapted: For all specialties (except 101 Ecology and specialties, in the educational programs of which the normative components contain this discipline)

Year of study, semester: 2 year, fall or spring semester

Course total scope and hours distribution of classroom work and self-study: 2 credits ECTS – 60 hours (classroom classes: lectures – 18 hours, practical – 18 hours; self-study – 24 hours)

Language of study: English

Requirements for begin studying the course: Basic knowledge at the level of school ecology course: basic concepts and terms.

What will be studied: It will be studied pollution of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere due to the functioning of the main branches of human production, represented by fuel and energy, mining, metallurgy, oil refining, construction, chemical and food industry.

Why is this interesting / worth exploring: In today's world, methods of preventing negative impacts on the environment at the work of industrial enterprises are guaranty of sustainable development of society and environmental safety of the biosphere.

What can you learn: You can learn to choose approaches for ensuring the appropriate level of environmental safety in industrial enterprises.

How to use the acquired knowledge and skills:

  • analyze the production process, determine of level of impact of the production on the environment;
  • identify the main pollutants of the production;
  • offer perspective measures to reduce anthropogenic loading on the environment at work of specific industrial production.

Information support of the course: Syllabus, textbooks

Semester assessment: Test

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