Presentation design

Department that provides study

Theory and Practice of Management of Faculty of Sociology and Law

Possible limitations

Students studying in English-language educational programs are of the highest precedence.

Quantitative limit is 100 persons per semester

Level of higher education

First (bachelor's)

Specialties for which the course is adapted

For all specialties

Year of study, semester

2 year, fall or spring semester

Course total scope and hours distribution of classroom work and self-study

2 credits ECTS – 60 hours

classroom classes: lectures – 18 hours, seminars – 18 hours,

self-study – 24 hours

Language of study


Requirements for begin studying the course

English level: A2 or higher. Presentation skills (elementary level).

What will be studied

Presentations (visual, informational, organizational and technical aspect), typography, emphasis and contrast methods (including color), graphical interpretation of information (charts and graphs), useful tools and resources (for different purposes and on different topics), animation in presentations

Why is this interesting / worth exploring

One of the characteristics of the 21st century is information overload. That is why the ability to effectively design and present the results of professional activities is a must-have skill.

Students will learn how to present information in a graphical form in such a way that it is easy to understand and perceived without losing the form-content connection and attracts attention to key elements.

What can you learn

Create presentations and understand the principles of presentation design; design text to create more effective visual communication; be able to use tools to create presentations and graphical interpretation of information (charts and graphs for further use in presentations, etc.)

How to use the acquired knowledge and skills

After completing the course, students will be able to present the results of their work more confidently and identify their mistakes in presentation design and be able to fix them.

What can the acquired knowledge and skills be useful for?

  • creating presentations and reports;
  • organizing information in a more convenient way;
  • establishing communication with different groups of stakeholders;
  • memorization of necessary information by different groups of stakeholders;
  • maintaining a positive professional image;
  • the ability to stand out among other job candidates or employees, etc.

Information support of the course

Educational material (lectures, workshops, tools)

Semester assessment


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