Environmental protection strategies

Department that provides study

Ecology and Plant Polymers Technology of Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Possible limitations

Only for students studying in English-language educational programs

Level of higher education

First (bachelor's)

Specialties for which the course is adapted

For all specialties (except 061 Journalism, 101 Ecology, 123 Computer Engineering, 172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering)

Year of study, semester

2 year, fall or spring semester

Course total scope and hours distribution of classroom work and self-study

2 credits ECTS – 60 hours

classroom classes: lectures – 18 hours, practical – 18 hours,

self-study – 24 hours

Language of study


Requirements for begin studying the course

Basic knowledge of school level ecology: main concepts and terms.

What will be studied

It will be studied causes of complex global and regional environmental problems in Ukraine and in the world, opportunities of finding and implementing optimal ways of solving environmental problems

Why is this interesting / worth exploring

World development is inextricably linked to different problems, including environmental problems. Therefore, training, which allows future professionals on the basis of acquired knowledge to actively participate in domestic and international projects related to environmental protection and development of environmental entrepreneurship, understand and optimally solve environmental problems of regions, be able to form effective communication strategies, conveying ideas, problems, solutions and personal experience in the field of ecology, is extremely important.

What can you learn

To implement basic prevention strategies for environmental protection and ensure the rational use of natural resources

How to use the acquired knowledge and skills

  • understand the basic environmental laws, rules and principles of environmental protection and nature management;
  • define perspective directions of increasing of biosphere compatibility of objects of the national economy;
  • choose management measures within the limits of natural-territorial complexes for stabilization of an ecological situation.

Information support of the course


Semester assessment


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